How It Works

Do you think your kid is perfect in each small part of the key areas in the subjects.

Firstring has its own style in guiding the students to reach their heights. We are doing the daily online assessment and screening of the scores in the each small parts of the topics according to their schooling years. The assessments sheets prepared by the experts and the attractive style made students love to work out their daily tasks. The assessment sheets are with limited numbers but with high intensity to gain the maximum score. Every parents dreaming to hit 100% in each tests, isn’t it?

Firstring makes their dream come true.

Firstring always guides the parents to spend a couple of minutes with their kids and assess the way the kids working out the tests. To make ease their job, we provide the service in the mobile and tablet versions.

Firstring Global Online Tuition fledged with a well education research team and they monitoring critically the each work out of the students in each subjects. We analyze the score and thereby the student level in the lights of these assessments in each minor areas. At the further steps we assign the assessment sheets in a way to high the level by giving basic knowledge and techniques. By this way we finding the minor mistakes and improves their weak areas and make the students level perfect to hit the 100%. In addition to the live interaction classes with the experts, we provide the recorded sessions in which the experts are teaching in students’ curriculum.

The students are allowed to view the recorded sessions any time any way to get expert class on their mobile or tab and they can also enjoy the live sessions with the subjects experts too.

We provide tuitions in all days of a week and set the classes according to the student’s choice. We use a unique tool called virtual whiteboard to teach the students which is a two-way application that allows both the tutor and the student to either write or draw. This tool enables them to discuss problems, ideas, solutions and interact during live class sessions. The whiteboard also allows for animations to be displayed with the interactive features. These features enable students to have live chat or instant message to discuss ideas and problems with the tutor in real time.

Unique Whiteboard Application:

  • Easy to use whiteboard tools
  • Creative live classes
  • Class recording facilities
  • Breakout sessions
  • Live video interface
  • Effective text chat
  • Attendance reporting