1. Why Online Tuition?
Okey.. The answer is simple. Lets point out that.
a) Now-a-days we spend time on internet and mobile phones right? Its interesting. That is the best answer. Then Why don’t you use the same method to teach your.
b) We provide one to one live interactive sessions so that produce straight eye contact between the tutor and the child.
c) As your child gets close attention of the tutor he/she will get the individual care from an expert for the whole sessions.
d) There is no noise barrier as your child using headphones during the sessions.

2. So you are saying the class room tuition and the home tuition are not effective?
Let us discuss some points..
a) Do you think it is safe when you send your kid to another place? Ehm..!!
b) Ok.. are you sending them by vehicle or you dropping them? Its time consuming and expensive, right?
c) Does your child face health problems in travelling in the different climate? Mostly right?
d) Do you have the home tuition? So you need to manage the study room or tuition room at home for the class, right? Much efforts right?
e) Ok.. what will you do when a guest comes to your home? Cancel the class? Or arranging another place to the tutor? Will the tutor happy?
f) To have our tuition, you just need a room, system and headphones to attend a session whether there is guest or noise.
g) Less effort makes you more satisfaction with cost effectiveness. Hope you got the points..!!! cheers..!!!

3. My child doing good at school and I have attended the parents meeting. The class teacher said he is Ok. I think she doesn’t need a tuition.
Okey.. great and congrats…!!
a) Shall we ask you, how many students are there in your child’s class? Do you think the teacher can teach all those students as same and give advice?
b) No right? But we do as we conduct one to one interactive sessions.
c) Whether the students understood or not the context, tutor must have to move to the next topics. What will your child do if he / she couldn’t understand a particular part of topic? Ignore?
d) You can’t right? Our tutors move next topic when your child understand the context well.
e) Some time student hesitates to ask their doubts in the class to the tutors. So he/she has no rights to know the context better? What will you do?
f) When it comes to our one to one tuition, students are much confident and happy to ask their questions.
g) Parents evening coming weeks later. Can the class teacher notice all the daily updates and bring in front of you when meet? No
h) But our system shows you in each sub topics, what is your child’s IQ or assessment level even on your mobile on daily basis. Any doubts?

4. Which one is expensive?
It’s absolutely less expensive. There is no transportation fee.. no caution fee.. No hidden charges.

5. Okey Agreed, then why I should choose Firstring ?
a) Its better to see with your eyes than explained by us. Please do go to our videos and testimonial page on the website.
b) Watch out the videos and testimonials given by our students, previous students who studies with us and the parents.

6. Why parents choose Firstring? What is your promotional method?
That was a wonderful question. The most best promotional method we have is “word of mouth”. We have our satisfied students and parents to make us popular.
The reason behind choosing Firstring are.
a) The most experience in the field with high qualified experienced tutor wing.
b) The best customer service ever.
c) Most best methodology and inbuilt services.

7. The best Customer service…? What they do?
a) There is a big crew to give your child best service and the best support.
b) They are available any time to answer your for any queries and support.
c) They assign classes on your dashboard according to the amount you paid.
d) They assign you the best tutor for your child after understanding your child’s level.
e) They helps to set the correct syllabus to learn and check the changes in the syllabus and news.
f) They give you proper response on your class scheduling, rescheduling, handling your leave applications, tutor change, subject switching, reminding about the due payment and finally informing you about the assessment/ class / score feedbacks.
8. Heard that apart from the tutors and customer service, there is another wing to support your students. Is it? Who are they?
a) They are the professional team who bother about your kid and your kid’s education with full score.
b) One expert for for each 10 students basis, we keep additional support tutors.
c) So the students can clear doubts any time even after the class.
d) From the joining time they assess your child’s education or IQ level.
e) They have the tools and techniques to assess your kid whether he/she can able to handle or can score full marks on the each small part under a topic.
f) They are continuously monitoring all students assessment sheets and bring notice when the students are not working on the sheets or gets below average score.
g) They keep records of working report of the students and they provide feedback to the parents as well as appropriate tutors who assigned with those students for providing more support.

9. My child is already studying in an online tuition, why should I switch from there?
a) Are they provide the live tuition? the 1 to 1 interactive video lesson like us? Or simply audio session and send worksheets / study materials to home to do?
b) Is your current or preferable tuition assessing your kid on daily basis and informing you the result?
c) But we conduct the daily assessment in each single subtopics and we you can check on mobile what exactly done by students.
d) Are they conducting daily assessment daily? We do, on daily basis in all subjects. Check out on your mobile.
e) Are they monitoring your child’s score and worked out scores and worksheets daily? We do, for bring your child to the top.
f) Are they correcting the assessments/ exercise sheets daily? You can see the answer summary and result once they finish the assessment test.
g) Are they giving you assessment results on your mobile daily? We do.
h) Are they showing you how your child worked out and how he/ she scored?
i) Are they sending their worked out sheets to you on your mobile? We do.
j) Are they letting you know the balance class after each class when the class finishes? You can check dashboard and mobile to know your available balance.
k) You don’t need to login to the dashboard to know about the classes done and upcoming classes. Check it out on your mobile itself.
l) Any changes in the class or any news from Firstring, you will get mobile notification.
m) You have the right to know when your money decreases after each class, are you getting such notification from your provider? But you can see the one class amount is being decreasing from your total fund after each class.
n) You can do the payment through the money transaction at bank, we are accepting debit and credit card of any nation.
o) You can check out the paid balance on your mobile.
p) you will not miss any class due to insufficient balance as you will get mobile notification or call from us to remind you about the due payment.
q) Is there any centre to provide you the details about the class conducted? How much time the class took? On which dates and who are the tutors and what are the subject?
r) Is there any center provides the recorded video sessions of their tutors for the future reference?
s) There is only one centre which takes the recorded video of the sessions and uploads on your dashboard account for student’s future reference. Until the student leaves Firstring, they can watch it repeatedly as much as they want to study.
You still waiting to join with us?

10. Impressed…!!! How is the assessment sheets work? Let me know please..
a) Of course.. We teach from the basics. Where your kid lacks, we understand that by giving then regular assessments and screening the scores produced.
b) Even though, we are care about not to give load to the students.
c) We assign assessment sheets to the students according to their level.
d) We make them work on each sub topics under a subject.
e) We check whether your child can do it well or not, if he can’t do, we will teach him / her basics and give more worksheets and questions to practice.
f) By this the student will improve the level and we switch to assign the next level worksheets.
g) If they have doubts they can go to the recorded videos of their tutors and study.
h) They can work practice the same worksheets they do, we keep all the worksheets they did on their screen as they need to refer it for future reference.
i) Our assessment sheets are simple but precise to collect the required output from the students.
j) To make easy to the parents to monitor as well as easiness to workout worksheets to the students, we made available these all services on your tablet and mobile phone too.

11. Can these worksheets help the students a lot?
a) Of course they do. Students are doing these worksheets on daily basis and scored 100% in each minute topics in a subject.
b) Don’t you know, by acquiring knowledge about the whole subject parts makes them a subject expert. Let them allow getting expertise in each subject, Are we?
c) The students will keep the spirit and consistency in getting full score and they can maintain the same attitude for the board exams. Definitely your child will hit your dream career.

12. Can my child achieve any additional benefit?
a) That was a nice question. Hope you know that all the countries like UK, USA, Australia has an option to appear one subject earlier for the GCSE board exam, if the student has an extra ordinary study background. He/ she must be a top scorer to achieve a subject earlier.
b) Do you have any idea to make your child top scorer and to get one paper earlier ? But Firstring knows how to make your child a top scorer. For that we assessing, screening your child’s level on regular basis, teaching him the best way by the experts, and your child can view & learn the recorded class of expert classes at any time on their dashboard (even on your mobile & tablet).
c) We made him work out daily to get 100% score consistently and the result is YOUR CHILD WILL BE THE TOP SCORER and we made him ready to appear the GCSE exam subject before he enter in to GCSE year.

13. Oh Cool..!!! So my child can write the GCSE subject in his previous schooling years? Why he should do so? What is the benefit?
a) Let me explain you with an example. In UK, mathematics is one of the tough subject in GCSE year 11 , isn’t it?
b) Let him prepare well and let him appear for the GCSE in his previous schooling years.
c) If he achieves the paper, it’s the time to party. He can concentrate his whole time to the other subjects when he goes to GCSE class. He doesn’t need to worry about the achieved subject.

14. How can you make students high level or prepare them for exam in less time span?
a) We do teach through the interactive live system and by the subject experts.
b) We used to assess a student from the day he joined with us.
c) We make them practice on worksheets and tests sheets apart from the live class.
d) We give them additional support at ay time by the sub support tutors.
e) If the student is weak in a sub topic we give him/ her the basic sessions and make practice more on those area questions continuously.
f) When the student got much practice in the same area, we do the assessment again and when he score good, we will assign the next level questions and the process will continue till he / she leaves Firstring.
g) After the live sessions, the same topic videos will be uploaded to the student screen for the future reference. So that the student can watch and learn the context again.
h) By this way we made a child, consistently a full scorer.s

15. How much for one subject?
a) You don’t pay money for a single subject. As much subject as you want, you can take it with your paid money. There is no separate fee for specific subject.
b) If you wish to switch the subject during the year, you can do.
c) If you want much classes in some subject and less classes in some subjects, you can opt.
d) There is no subject barrier here.

16. Can I request for more subjects when the exam comes?
Sure… with your amount on your account; any time you can take the subjects you need.

17. Can I switch the subjects ?
Yes you can, there is no limitation to take the subjects.

18. List out the ways in which online tutoring work?
Online tutoring works on the following ways.
a) This is a real time interactive teaching through internet.
b) Interactive whiteboard with audio or video is used.
c) Students and teachers shall make an effective use of the white board to draw pictures and diagrams, discuss and share problems by sharing the files.

19.How can u justify that online tutoring is an effective teaching methodology?
When we compare online tutoring with that of classroom teaching, we can surely say that individual, one-to-one attention is missing in class room teaching, while they are possible through online tutoring. The tutors shall make an effective use of whiteboard to give illustrations and simulations while they explain various concepts to the students.

20. How is quality of teaching ensured?
We are really very happy to declare that the tutors who want to be a member of Firstring Global Online Tuition have to undergo various tests and processes before being recruited as tutors. Their educational qualification, expertise in teaching, communication skills , ability to maintain inter-personal relationships etc. are tested before they get to teach.

21. Is there any limitation for the number of tutoring hours for a month?
The recommended tutoring hours vary according to the level of the students and the child development schedule adopted. Generally, two hours for a day are recommended to an average student. In case of any additional care needed during assessments/tests, upon a mutual consultation with the parent and the tutor, extra tutoring hours can booked.

22. Give an idea of the grades for which tutoring is available?
Tutoring is made available to all grades which vary from Year 1 to A-Level (Primary to Secondary levels) starting from age 7 years onwards. We have our own built –in price plans for you to selecet. For further details please mail us or fill the enquiry form.

23. What do I need to have to get the tutoring session started?
The things that you need are,
a) A laptop/A desktop with a Web cam
b) Internet connection (with good speed)
c) Working Head-set

24. At what time is the tutor available?
Tutors are available from Monday to Saturday. You have all freedom to schedule the lessons according to your convenience. Some adjustments might be required if same tutors are opted every time.

25. Why Firstring Global Online Tuition?
Few of our services include:
a) We remind the students before each of your classes
b) All time monitoring
c) Regular homework after each class (Only for long term students)
d) Monthly test (Only for long term students)
e) Special classes for SATS students

26. Do you provide tutoring to non-native English speakers?
Yes. We provide special tutoring to European students studying from age 7 years onwards whose first language is not English. We also offer TEFL and IELTS language courses to non-native English speakers of any age.

27. How about the tutors' familiarity with the different curriculum of multiple school districts and countries?
While we select our tutors, we check their subject knowledge based on National Curriculum and also promote intensive training in the multi curriculum environment. All our tutors are well qualified and experienced in tutoring. The teaching methodology they adopt will be one of the globally accepted methods with a neutralized communication to communicate across the globe.

28. Do I get the same tutor all the time?
Only students who book for second and third plan will enjoy having the same tutor. It also depends upon the availability of the tutors and the tuition timings.

29. What sort of security is provided to the data we provide?
All the relevant data protection regulations are subscribed to all countries we teach. The details of the student will not be disclosed to third party, even for reference, unless legally warranted or asked by the student/parent(s).

30. How will Firstring Global Online Tuition tutors benefit the child?
Ours is a real time tutoring service not intended to substitute a student's class room learning but a way to complement it. As soon as an enquiry is made, we take inputs from the parents / students / the teacher, if needed and make an entry – assessment & weakness of the student. We base our training scheduled and according to the data received, the targets will be fixed within achievable time frame.

31. What is expected from me as a parent?
All that you need to do as a parent is
a) Encourage your child.
b) Provide a distraction free environment.
c) Avoid taking leave for the class.

32. Where does the tutoring take place?
Tutoring may take place at your ease, in your home or your friend's house, local library, a school or any other place subject to the permission from the authorities concerned.

33. How can I measure my child's progress?
An entry – assessment will help us in identifying the mode of training best suited for the ward's development. Data will be gathered through their tutors. The progress is measured and recorded after each and every session. Students enrolled for THIRD PLAN ‘PREMIUM PLAN’ will only be eligible to receive Progress Report after every 10 classes. An automatic email will be sent to the parents. Mock tests / periodic assessments are conducted to check the progress of the student.

34. Why should I use Firstring Global Online Tuition tutors, as a student?
Tutors will have a maximum attention on you as it is one – to – one session• Development plan can be made according to your strengths and weakness.

35.How can I involve myself as a parent?
a) You can be a silent viewer and monitor the tutoring process.
b) You can also make an active participation encouraging your ward through intervention as and when required by the tutor.

36. Should I need an expertise in computer?
No, certainly not. Just the basic computer skills like browsing the internet or checking e-mails will be sufficient. It is clear that if you are able to log on and read this, you are already skilled to involve in this program.

37. What is the basic qualification of your tutors?
We stick on to a strict recruitment policy. All our tutors are Post Graduates in Masters in their subject. We go in for recruitment only if they are highly experienced either in class room teaching or e – tutoring with excellent communication skills.

38. Is tutoring available only on weekends?
Yes, our tutors are available on Saturday. The session is scheduled as per your needs, provided there is a time slot available at the desired time. We are off during Sundays.

39. Will I be allowed to monitor the progress of my child?
Yes, you have every right to do this. We update you by submitting the progress report of your child. We also provide remote monitoring mechanism through which you can view the delivery of the classroom without the knowledge of the student.

40. Will I be able to reschedule my class?
You can reschedule the class but should be on the same week. Any how your 8 hours should be completed within 1 month. Our programme is designed in such a way that it can be rescheduled with just 24 hours prior notice.

41. Can I swap subjects?
Yes, you can. This option is available only for those enrolled for Second and Third Plan. For the Second Plan you can choose 2 subjects and for the Third Plan you can choose UNLIMITED subjects. You can swap subjects with just 24 hours prior notice as our programme is designed in such a way that it helps is in this regard .

42. What is my payment option?
You may pay using
a) Paypal
b) Online banking transaction Once the payment is made, your classes will appear in your account. No classes will be shown if your account has NIL balance.

43. What are the subjects offered? What is the student's profile?
We cover subjects like English(Literature, Grammar, Comprehension, Creative Writing) core Maths, further maths, science (Double / Triple award) physics, chemistry, Biology, Spanish, German, French for grade levels K1 – K12. We also cover subjects like Business English, Communicative English, English Teaching systems like IELTS and TOEFL, English for speakers of other languages (ESOL). However we add on to it.

44. Tutoring is available for countries?
Countries we cover are UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) and other European countries. Also we give tutoring to countries like Australia, UAE and New Zealand.

45. Do you give homework after each class?
Only students enrolled for the Second and Third Plan are eligible to receive Homework after each class.

46. What is the validity of these packages?
The validity of our packages varies from ONE month (30 days) to SIX months (180 days). For further details, go through PRICE PLANS or contact us @ tuition@firstring.co.uk. Validity may end once the sessions are fully consumed even before attaining the maximum validity period.