Exam Preparation

What are the additional benefits of our system?
The students will become experts even in the small areas of the topics thereby in subjects.
The parents can see the developments and the way their kids are becoming subject experts in front of them with proof.
The parents will have an idea about the syllabus and topics the kids have to cover and how they have to study.
The regular work out on assessment sheets will give much confidence and tactics to achieve full score in the exams.
We make the students attitude to clear all questions and achieve 100% score in exam by practicing regularly to achieve the consistent score, ie 100%.
This system eliminates the difficulties of the students from the group classes as we give individual consideration to the students.
Each student and their each assessments are critically scrutinized on everyday by the team and the analyze of marks scored, its reason will be communicated to the tutors as well.
The parents can see the score and the worked out sheets so that the parents will have a complete view on their children’s levels in each subjects.

Come and enjoy the lovely methods to win with Firstring Global Online Tuition Firstring is running with happiest parents and their full score hitting kids.

Firstring Global Online Tuition provides an intensive program of revision for the students as a final boost before their final exams. We provide special tutoring to pupils who will be sitting for selective grammar schools or independent schools exams and other competitive exams like 11+, SATs and GCSE. We also provide special classes on exam preparation for school students based on individual student needs.

We provide worksheets, homework and questions after each class which provides proper understanding to the students and allows them to interact with tutor in live discussions and exchange of ideas during lessons. We also provide past papers and conduct exams regularly to assess the student’s knowledge and train them accordingly to score excellently during their final examinations.